Do It With Your Moyaz Boots On!

It’s a new week and another Round at Acid Lily. I'm really late getting this weeks round out so that leaves very little time to grab all you want. This round at Acid Lily is the last of 2012! All under $L70. To see everything at Acid Lily this week, Visit the web page at http://acidlilygallery.wordpress.com/.
MOYAZ Emily Dress White/Turquoise (Acid Lily)
MOYAZ Amsterdam Azure Boot (Acid Lily)
MOJO Santa Skin 2012 (Free Group Gift)
MOYAZ Emily Dress Lime/ Brown (Acid Lily)
MOYAZ London Teal Blue Boot (Acid Lily)
MOJO Santa Skin 2012 (Free Group Gift)

Second Life Diva

That's right, Cheap Second Life Diva is gone but not totally! It is the same blog, whole new name. Fashion Diva of Second Life more represents what we have evolved into. More fashion, less Diva.

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