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There are so many generous designers at this time of year.  Just about every store has VIP groups and participate in hunts but there is no other hunt on the grid quite like the Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt. The hunt is in its 5th year and is more popular than ever.  You can find hints and photos of some prizes at the website here ---> POE5.
Acid Lily has entered into another great week of designer releases. No item over $L70!
FIEND Desire Strapless Dress (Comes in multiple colors) (Acid Lily)
OOH-LA-LICIOUS SKIN Honey, Cranberry Panache! (POE 5 Hunt)
ANALOG DOG Rebel Rebel Vanilla (FreeBall Hair on Beach)
FINESMITH Heart Hoop Earrings (Old Group Gift)


Vixen Rau


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