Angel Officer

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VERO MODERO Angel Officer (Outfit)
FILTHY October Group Gift (Skin)
!OHMAI Chloe In Pecan (Hair)
BANDIT JEWELRY SHOP Eternity Evolution Deluxe (Shoes)
Angel Officer was guarding the hard-core prisoners in Folsom Prison. She loved her job because she was able see her Two ex boyfriends who are incarcerated there.  Before becoming Angel Officer, Angel looked forward to a long term loving relationship but since those two bad boys came into her life, it's all she can thing about. 
Angel overheard some of the prisoners talking about a planned tryst between two prisoners. Oh the secrets they could tell. She decided to sneak over into the 56-unit to find out who is having fun with out her.  As she got closer she could hear the laughter and moans. Angel positioned herself to hear every word being spoken and was shoked by the words she heard.

  Her Fiance Lee was sucking the toes of her other fiance Mini.  Angel  furiously walked away with tears in her eyes and whispered "payback!"

Vixen Rau


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