Eluzion Fun

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I went to Eluzion in search of the $55L Thursday Special and I had to make myself leave (at least until tommorow).  They always have the best deals and specials  even when the body flattering outfits are regular price....its still a great deal.  The two outfits pictured below were priced at $45L for the  Eluzion Neyla (purple/black) and $55L for Eluzion Zanthia (All Black , boots not included).  I love these two outfits and they even have a free pair of  earrings in the store.  Warning....! This is a one day price for $55L and Neyla is going at this  price at a limited number then it goes back to full price.

Outfit: ELUZION- Xanthia (All Black)- $55L
Jewelry: ELUZION- Zibrina Earrings- Free
Boots: PATULAS HOUSE- Black Mystery Boots (Blue now available for $1L) 
Skin: EXODI- Sylvan Soliel-2
Hair: ICONIC COUTURE- Panama- Blonde Tones (Store moving)

Outfit: ELUZION- Neyla (Purple/Black)- $55L
Jewelry: ELUZION- Zibrina Earrings- Free
Boots:STILETTO MOODY - Bare  Katherine Black
Skin: EXODI- Sylvan Soliel-2
Hair: ICONIC COUTURE- Queen Noir- Onyx only (Store moving)
Makeup: MYNERVA- Eyeliner + Shadow Purple

*Please excuse any mistakes...its bedtime for me. I wanted to share this before its gone for good---smooches! ~Vix



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