Jewelry Fair 2011 with Ear Candy

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Jewelry Fair 2011 has began and there are over 100 vendors ready to show you what goodies they have.  Jewelry Fair runs for only Ten days only, Sept 16-26.  There will be classes and demos for all who are interested and you will learn about all the exciting events taking place by visiting the jewelry fair website listed next...

There are teleport portals in each sim to help you move around from sim to sim!  Here are your Limos!


JEWELRY: EAR CANDY- Harpie Set In Gold
OUTFIT: EVOLVE- Laurel $55L (on sale until Thurs only)

JEWELRY: EAR CANDY- Falling Flower Set In Gold
OUTFIT- PHOENIX RISING- Kieran's Wild (Also SL Marketplace)

JEWELRY: EAR CANDY- Beaded Teardrop Set In Gold
OUTFIT: GL DESIGNS- GLD Old Hunt Gift 2009

JEWELRY: EAR CANDY- Black Beauty Set In Silver
OUTFIT: HUCCI- Gold Rain Romper White

All Photos
HAIR: ICONIC COUTURE- Iconic Vie, TootsieRoll
SKIN: MOJO SKIN- Alba/09/Cocoa

Vixen Rau


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