Spree Gone Wrong

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While shopping, I met this really nice man who offered to carry my bags as I shopped. (that poor thing had no idea what he signed up for) As we moved from sim to sim adding bags among bags to his arms, I could'nt help but pick up a bit of this and a lot of that.  There are sales, specials and hunts going on everywhere.  Thursdays has the all time famous $55L Thursday sales.  Where you can get great clothing items and jewelry and so much more.  Check out the website at http://fashionalertsl.blogspot.com/ but make sure you catch it during the 24 hours of the sale or you might miss what you want the most. If you see a finely suited man wearing only one shoe, tell him thanks for nothing since he left my bags on the corner of 5th ave and Broadway.  He must have been running fast because he lost his shoe in the process LOL. Maybe I shouldnt have strapped those boxes to his back hMMMMMMM.

DELERIUM; Glimmery Punk- $50L
 Skin: EXODI Soliel May GG

ELUZION; Zalika $55L Thursday 5/19
Hair:TRUTH; Padma
Shoes: PURRFECT 10; Valentines Shoe
Skin: EXODI Soliel May GG

BADOURA; Helena - 1L
Shoes: SOLE SISTERS- Monica -Truffle (NOT FREE)
Skin: EXODI Soliel May GG

B!ASTA; Charmed Blossom -$55L Thursday 5/19
 Hair: ICONIC COUTURE; Minka PiggieTails Jet
Shoes: SOLE SISTERS; Dancer Sandals, Green
Skin: EXODI Sophie Nuit May GG

Vixen Rau


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