Great Sale at Finesmith Designs

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Finesmith Designs has some of the best jewelry you can find on SL and every Thursday Yula Finesmith places some of her best items for sale at the $55L Thursdays Sale.  This week is Spectrum. Each piece is $55L  which is a steal! Check out the blog, all the photos and LMs in one click 

FINESMITH DESIGNS: Spectrum Earrings- $55L 

FINESMITH DESIGNS: Spectrum Neckace- $55L 

FINESMITH DESIGNS: Spectrum Ring- $55L 

FINESMITH DESIGNS: Pearl & Flower Group Item- $10L 

The orchid set was made for the beautiful Reign Congrejo when she went to MVW to 
compete between the 30 most beautiful women in SL. 
Reign, Miss Costa Rica, asked for orchids.
and now her set will be sold today in 100L for each piece- so dont miss this offer.

FINESMITH DESIGNS: Reign Bracelet- $100L

FINESMITH DESIGNS: Reign Earrings- $100L

FINESMITH DESIGNS: Reign Hair Ornament- $100L

FINESMITH DESIGNS: Reign Necklace- $100L

Vixen Rau


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