Enjoying Freebies at Old Costa Rica Sims

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This beautiful day brings gifties from the Old Costa Rica Sim.  Walking from shop to shop finding lovliness is such a delight.  Spring is in the air here and I can feel it everywhere, from the pollen in the air to the flowers blooming on the trees in my front yard that I can smell as the winds breezes blow. All Costa Rica Sim  Landmarks will lead you to one spot on the sim, you must shop for these gifties. I hope you enjoy!

DCNY- Costa Rica Sims Gift

*DNR*- Spring Dress Gift In Red Costa Rica Gift

GIZZA- Gold Gown Female Costa Rica Gift

BLACKLACE- Costa Rica Gift From Blacklace Lingerie
RH ENGEL- Rebel Hope Costa Rica Gift

*ICING*- Pizzicato Poppies Costa Rica Gift
INDY & CO- Snakeskin Clutch (Honeysuckle) Costa Rica Gift

More About The Photos:
Skin: LELUTKA- Suntan Friday (Not Free)
Skin: LELUTKA- Dark Friday (Not Free)
Hair: ICONIC COUTURE- Kina/Tawny- New Release (Not Free)
Hair: ICONIC COUTURE- LaRica/Jet- New Release (Not Free)
Shoes: STILETTO MOODY- Bare Bette Black (Not Free) 50% Special
Shoes: STILETTO MOODY-Zaha Sand (Not Free)

Vixen Rau


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