Treasure Life Itself

 Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have - life itself.~Walter Anderson

GIULIADESIGN Joanne Brown (Feeb's Sales Room- October)
J.A. CREATIONS Rihanna High Heels SLINK
[MONSO] My Hair Elsa Brown
LUMAE Alaska: 5 Caramel/The Oracle (Mystic Realms Faire)
GIULIADESIGN Precise (Feeb's Sales Room- October)
LUMAE Alaska: 2 Cream Freckles/The Oracle (Mystic Realms Faire)
MODERN.COUTURE Jewelry Gold Winter Earring/Necklace
PERCH Summer Stilettos Black Croc (Cosmo B'day Giftie $L50)
TAMELESS Yvonne in Reds

GIULIADESIGN Cherry Gold (Feeb's Sales Room- October)
MODERN.COUTURE Jewelry Gold Winter Earring/Necklace
RICIELLI Lasercut Ankle Boots in Brown
MYSTIQUE SALON Glamour Eyelashes
LUMAE Alaska: 4 Honey/The Oracle (Mystic Realms Faire)

GIULIADESIGN Shanna Flower (Feeb's Sales Room- October)
CHEVEUX F057 Blacks 02
LUMAE Alaska: 7 Truffle/The Oracle (Mystic Realms Faire)
AZ Promo Blue Ice Eyes SLM
ICONIC Irisa In Ombres
LUMAE Alaska: 8/Cocoa The Oracle (Mystic Realms Faire)
ELUZION Kaiya Earrings
BEN'S BOUTIQUE Wendy Platform

GIULIADESIGN Cheyanne Black (Feeb's Sales Room- October)
LUMAE Alaska: 6/Cookie/ The Oracle (Mystic Realms Faire)
HOLLYHOOD Black Fruit Flavors Boots Slink Mid
GIULIADESIGN Missi Rose Antique (Feeb's Sales Room- October)
LUMAE Alaska: 3/Latte/The Oracle (Mystic Realms Faire)
MINA HAIR Astrid Ombres 1.0
EMPORIUM Mobscene Shoes


Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.  ~Marilyn Monroe
WOW SKINS Lorelay Tan (Oct Group Gift)
ICONIC Marilyn in Bombshells (The Vintage and Cool Fair) *EXCLUSIVE
[LE FORME] Athena Heels in Gold SLINK
VIRTUAL IMPRESSIONS Beloved Earring and Necklace in Gold/Blk/White Diamonds (Past Group Gift)

Vibrations Of Beauty

In every man's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty. - Christopher Morley

ICONIC Ingrid (The Vintage and Cool Fair) *Exclusive
JAVA Polyester & Knit Dress w/ Shake It Girl Shoes (Free Gift)
GO*DIVA  Reverie Selkies Bangles/Ring in Gold
MKN:: Purada 1 glasses in Black
PINK ACID SKIN Mixer Skin 02 Special Edition Mocho Choco FI*Friday
*P* Facial Piercing U3- 8 Metals

Warrior Girl

You are the universe experiencing itself. —  Alan Watts
 It's Halloween again and Vero Modero has NEW full mesh avatars suited for the occasion.  

VERO MODERO Warrior Girl Avatars *NEW
*Available in a variety of styles.

Magic In The World

I was the kind of child who’d always looked for fairies dancing on the grass. I wanted to believe in witches, wizards, ogres, giants and enchanted spells. I didn't want all of the magic taken out of the world by scientific explanation
—  Flowers In The Attic

LUMAE Fable ~ Earth (Mystic Realms Faire)
LUMAE Fable ~ River (Mystic Realms Faire)
LOQ HAIR Merlot White
LUMAE  Fable ~Moss (Mystic Realms Faire)
LOQ HAIR Chianti Chocolate Copper

Dress: *S* SLAVE Gorean Camisk w/ Multi HUD

LOQ HAIR is now LoQ'ue, I'm not sure if these hairs are still available.

Asylum Girl

As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night, Let loose upon the earth till it be light...  ~Nicholas Gordon poemsforfree.com

It's Halloween again and Vero Modero has NEW full mesh avatars suited for the occasion.  

VERO MODERO Asylum Girl Mesh Avatar *NEW

Second Life Diva

That's right, Cheap Second Life Diva is gone but not totally! It is the same blog, whole new name. Fashion Diva of Second Life more represents what we have evolved into. More fashion, less Diva.

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